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"Finally, a day for art..."

There are very many special days that we have the change to celebrate throughout the year: Women’s Day, Peace Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines’ Day, Worker’s Day, Theater Day and so on. But we did not have any “ONE” special art day that would unite the whole world. On April 5-6, 2011, the 17th General Assembly of AIAP / IAA World, holding its meeting in Guadalajara, (World Art Associations founded in 1954) has voted unanimously the proposal brought by Turkey and co-signed by several world delegate countries: the AIAP General Assembly accepted that the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, April 15, becomes “World Art Day”.

We interviewed over 15 gallery owners as well as covered the Annual World Art Day Gala sponsored by the Downtown Artwalk to create a sizzle showcasing featured artists and artwork while promoting future art events around Los Angeles and the world.

Promotional Marketing Video

World Art Day showcase with interviews with various artists and sponsors of the event.

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