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"The only international art fair bridging the gap between those who love and collect photography and the artists who make it."

One of the largest independent photography exhibitions in the country, Photo Independent is championing a new generation of photographers and is quickly becoming one of the most significant annual photographic events in the World.

We were asked to create a series of promotional videos covering the different events including the Opening Night Gala, Interviews with Featured Artists as well as recording featured Panel Discussions.

Event Videos & Artist Showcases

We created event videos for Photo Independent 2016 & 2017, as well as had the opportunity to interview various artists about their photography.  The artist showcases were shot against a green screen at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles where the event was held.

Promotional Videos

Here is an example sizzle covering highlights of Photo Independent 2016.

Artist Showcase:  Chris Carr

Green screen video featuring Chris Carr and his puddle photography.

Artist Showcase: Bill Wishner

Green screen video featuring Bill Wishner and his unique brand of street photography.

Artist Showcase:  Alexandra Gibson

Green screen video featuring Alexandra’s photography and the inspiration for her art.

Artist Showcase:  Ann Schuleter

Green screen video with Ann discussing her inspiration and photographic style.

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