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"In Celebration of the Holidays in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria."

A little orange kitten moves from the North Pole (where it’s very cold) to Puerto Rico, thinking that the sunny weather and tropical breezes would be so much better than “ice and snow.”  When she gets there, she finds that she is lonely.  Missing her wintery Christmases, she decides to make Christmas cookies in the shapes of snowflakes, pine trees, and other things.  Her neighbors can’t resist the smell of her cookies, so they all come for a visit.  Pretty soon, she has made a lot of new friends and realizes that it’s not the place but the people with whom she spends time are what matter.

An Interactive E-Book for Kids


Narrative poem describing the adventures of a kitten who moves from the North Pole to the Caribbean. Poem narrated by Gerry O'Brien


12 page interactive book app for children 3+ with custom illustrations, animations & voiceover narration


Developed for both iPhone & Android and released on iTunes & GooglePlay

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Story oriented posting following the orange kitten from Alaska to Puerto Rico.

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